Vision & Mission

ISSB is structured as for-profit making organization; it includes private purposes and social purposes as “doing charity by doing trade”.


Intensified the improvement of socio-economic status of the people and towards the sustainable development through social business activities.


  • Assist in work toward the development of long term solutions.
  • Assisting the communities for necessary assistances to cope their lives by self-reliant basis.
  • Advocate for and assist in community capacities to care for and manage the resources for sustainable development.

Policy Goal

ISSB intends to implement its policy for self-reliant basis, and to contribute sustainable development as social purpose and organizational development and individual interest as commercial purposes.

Policy Objective

To deal with the businesses that trade to tackle socio-economic problems, improve communities and  the environment  by reinvesting the profits back into the business and the community so that to be sustainable business program and to improve society profits.

Source: Own Draft

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