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Swanyee is trying to reduce the chemical using by farmers up to 25% or free of chemical or fully free of chemical using in farming. Now there has significant impact to the market as farmers improved awareness of efficient use of natural and bio fertilizers, and these impact lead to change the policies of the local authorities and farmers. The price for value and competitiveness of the price impacts to the chemical products. Production of natural and bio fertilizers to reduce effect of chemical fertilizer and soil erosion and protection to the environment are the creative system for the new market. The product benefits to the users and consumers to be healthy, and reduces risks of chemical using in the agricultural inputs for the long term utilization of the land.

It is very large market size of the agricultural inputs in Myanmar as main economy of Myanmar is based on the agricultural sector. Swanyee is trying to get its market across the country and value of the product will change from one aspect to another and from one area to another. Proposed product will improve income generation as well as sustainable of the soil quality for long term improvement of the livelihoods of the farmers and safe for the consumers because of the chemical free products.

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